Brave Beginnings

What is it about?

A world where every woman has the right to live a life of independence, dignity, and respect, free of violence and oppression, and a world where she can pursue her goals and dreams without judgement or ridicule.
Our mission is to provide personalized support, mentorship, empathy, motivation, and friendship to women who have experienced oppression of any sort, empowering them to rebuild their lives, reach their goals and live with respect, dignity, freedom and happiness.
Brave Beginnings works across the GTA to match women who have recently escaped oppression with mentors who understand what it takes to stand on their own feet and are eager to give back by helping another woman achieve freedom and happiness. We work hard to match mentors with suitable mentees based on their background, experiences and even ethnicity where possible. In doing so, our organization is hoping to provide meaningful support and friendship to aid in the healing process and metamorphosis of each mentee from victim to survivor.

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